What we do

We offer software that turns (existing) camera’s in offline stores into a valuable source of business insights.

Measure customer traffic

Measure the number of customers entering and leaving your store.

Visualize customer experience

Visualize how customers move through the store and interact with products

Easy to use

Delivers actionable insights in an easy to use dashboard

About us

Computer vision has tremendous potential for the offline retail sector, as the insights it provides can be used to improve the shopping experience with limited to no extra cost. Despite this, there are still too few retailers making use of this technology. We think this should change…

iMRsion was born with the belief that the power of computer vision should be available to all. Our vision is that it should be easy for anyone to obtain business insights from visual camera data. With year’s of experience in this field, we are passionate about turning this vision into reality every day. 

Alexander Maas

Alexander Maas


After achieving an Aerospace Engineering degree from Delft University of Technology, Alexander started his career at Airbus. Since 2011 he has taken on various senior engineering roles within the space engineering department and has founded an external startup venture. During his tenure, he played a critical role in solving mission-critical problems in the industry with exceptional positive attitude, critical thinking and problem-solving skills and developed a strong passion for building solutions within the field of computer vision and machine learning.

Da Lin

Da Lin


Da has been an entrepreneur since his teenage years. After he completed his study in international business and management in the Netherlands and Canada. He started his career in Business Intelligence unit at TomTom and moved onto Juniper Networks to maximize his exposure in business operation at both sales and professional service units. Da has tremendous passion and interest in technology and arts. He is a seasoned professional in turning vision into reality effectively.

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